First aid for burns

First aid is provided by lay responders at the accident site. Aid workers must protect their own safety, as well as that of their patients and their environment.


First aid for burns consists of deactivating the agent and cooling or rinsing the burns. Lukewarm running water should be used to cool the burns; keep water running for 10 minutes. Chemical burns should be rinsed for 45 minutes, using a large amount of lukewarm water. Beware of the risk of hypothermia, particularly when treating children.


Cooling blankets are effective in directly cooling the burn at the accident site. The blankets are used as a water substitute.


As is the case with cooling in general, use of a cooling blanket should be limited to 10-20 minutes, in order to prevent hypothermia. Cooling blankets are contraindicated for long-haul transport and the treatment of burns.